9 February 2022 – Following a decision by the current Italian Government (“Family Act”, DL 21 December 2021 n. 230), starting from 1 March 2022, the right to a new family allowance, the so-called “single cheque”, to which all EU citizens residing in Italy will be entitled (jointly with non-EU citizens with a permanent residence permit in Italy).

Considering how this facilitation will affect all frontier workers, on the Swiss side this will entail the need for the latter to actively proceed with the request for revision of the right to receive family allowances (FA), on the basis of completing a specific form ( called “Revision for salaried persons – Verification of family benefits in Italy”) published by the IAS of Bellinzona and currently sent to all beneficiary workers or downloadable from the website www.iasticino.ch, in conjunction with the completion of the ISEE 2022 form published by INPS .

Still on the Swiss side, this will mean that, with effect from March 2022, the payment of AF will be suspended until the IAS transmits its revision decision, thus taking into consideration the amount paid in Italy directly by INPS. Note that this decision will have retroactive effect and therefore will allow workers to recover FAs not received in the meantime.

The above obviously applies to all workers affiliated to the IAS: for those affiliated to other Compensation Offices, it will be necessary to refer to the specific provisions issued by each Cassa.