Company succession

Generational change represents one of the most important challenges for all family businesses.

Arifida’s winning approach is therefore based above all on listening to all the generations involved and the long-term objectives, arriving at defining common priorities for maintaining “good governance” and therefore competitiveness before, during and after a transition generational. All without forgetting the correct identification of the current value of the company.

Once these aspects have been traced, the Arifida Team is able to develop an implementation plan for the family succession, taking into account the various areas of interest: from inheritance planning to tax planning, without forgetting the economic and strategic aspects, rather than the involvement of third parties (from the current management outside the family, to investors interested in entering the capital).

The succession of a successful family business represents a delicate and long process, in which it is essential to be accompanied by trusted consultants who are also able to understand the personal and human aspects of all the parties involved: there are no standard solutions.

Our initial scope of intervention

Strengthened by our experience, also and above all personal, we are at your side to listen to your needs and therefore to help you develop the wishes of all the parties involved, defining the goal to be achieved.

During and after

The Arifida team is at your side to draw up all the agreements necessary to achieve the set objective, to coordinate the intervention of all the other players involved in the succession: banks, notaries, asset managers, social security institutions, external investors, customers and suppliers.

We are also at your side to assume positions within the Board of Directors of your company if this is required to support the needs of the succession plan developed by the family to function properly.

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