VAT tax representation

Since the beginning of 2018, companies based abroad and operating in Switzerland with Swiss customers have been required to subject their services to VAT and therefore to have their own registration in the Swiss VAT register.

Prerogative to confirm this obligation for the foreign company are:

  • achievement of an annual (worldwide) turnover of at least CHF 100,000.-;
  • provision of services under contract (e.g. procurement) in Switzerland and therefore physically operate in Switzerland;

It should also be noted that as regards foreign companies that ship to Swiss customers (e.g.) through e-commerce platforms), starting from 1.1.2019 it will be mandatory to register in the Swiss VAT register and therefore subject shipments to Swiss VAT if an annual turnover of at least CHF 100’000.- is achieved (with exceptions for consignments considered of “minor entity”).

How can we help you?

  • Help you determine your actual profit tax liability?
  • Assist you in the registration procedures in the Swiss VAT register
  • Assist you in the preparation and compilation of quarterly reports
  • Assist you in all areas with the Federal Tax Administration (FTA)
  • Evaluate any other legal and tax aspects relating to your operations in Switzerland, such as, for example, secondment of personnel, work permits, establishment of a branch or a company in Switzerland.

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