Arifida SA was incorporated in Chiasso in 1976 by Mister Battista Ponti. Thanks to the rich experience achieved in the fiduciary field and supported by a small team of collaborators, he established what is today one of the most important fiduciary realities not only in Ticino, bus also at a national level and with wide opportunities and a positive feedback at an international level.


Soon Arifida SA appeared to be development - oriented and became member of the International Fiscal Association (IFA) in 1979. Such a membership permitted the Group to attend several international congresses whose contents have broadened both Arifida’s and its collaborators’ knowledge of international tax law, thus guaranteeing their constant up-to-date professional skills.

In the early years of its activity, Arifida carved out a significant niche for itself in the prolific cross-border market, hub where the quality and timing of the Swiss services blend well with the entrepreneurial fabric of neighboring Lombardia.

Arifida expanded exponentially in time. Its evolution and success made of Arifida one of the leaders of Insubria’ s economic environment.

Initially Arifida provided administrative and accounting services. The needs of the market strongly affected and progressively transformed by socio-economic factors incentivized Arifida that replied upgrading its specialist knowledge, widening and internationalizing its platform of services and field of action thanks to its worldwide correspondents, in view of being “the finest consulting partner for your business”.

In 2000, as a member of the Fiduciary Chamber, Arifida was admitted to the self-discipline Institute (OAD). Later on, on the 1st of January 2005, Arifida was affiliated to the Self- Discipline Institute (OAD) of the Swiss Union of Fiduciaries.

On the 30th of November 2005 the Swiss Federal Banking Commission authorized Arifida to offer or distribute shares of investment funds as a professional distributor, which represents Arifida’ s latest recognition in chronological order.


The Arifida Group, located in the prestigious offices in Via Motta 18 since 2003, is composed of 43 professionals and advisors.


For over 30 years Arifida has been satisfying the most demanding clients amongst whom some major groups and entrepreneurs that set up and developed their businesses with Arifida inside Ticino’s economic world.